WELCOME TO almonds & Apricots

I’m Kala!

…the writer, baker, photographer, & creative force behind this sweet little space. Here, you’ll find decadent, elevated desserts & endless inspiration to create beautiful, show-stopping party treats from the comfort of your home.

My baking journey began as a hobby five years ago and quickly blossomed into a thriving local wedding cake business. Walking in with beautiful wedding cakes & seeing the endless smiles from countless brides & guests inspired every aspect of my business.

While learning to market my business, I discovered a passion for food photography & recipe development along the way. This newfound love led me to create this tiny corner of the internet dedicated to sharing delicious recipes & sweet creations with you.

Thank you for stopping by – I’m thrilled to share my recipes & resources to help you make your celebrations, even sweeter!

Sweetly yours,
Kala Boulard

Some facts about me:

  • I’m a lifelong lover of Jesus, and feel eternally blessed to know Him.
  • I have been married to my husband, Joey, for almost 10 years! It was absolutely love at first sight. Our daughter Bria is the light of our lives- she loves baking and, of course, tasting all of the recipes each week!
  • I am total geek for all things Lord of the Rings (I traveled to New Zealand for the Hobbit premiere in 2013 )
  • I’ve nearly died twice before the age of 22, once being a passenger In a very bad accident at 16….breaking several bones throughout my spine having to relearn how to walk again, and secondly nearly dying through postpartum hemorrhage and blood loss at 21.
  • I renovated an entire house at 19 and traveled to 7+ countries before turning 21- WHAT that seems like a lifetime ago!

Truthfully, I never in a million years would’ve thought that something like this would find me. I was not looking to completely change or add anything to my life when I started baking cakes, so it’s been an emotional & rewarding journey to this point. Being able to give a little piece of my heart through my art & recipes is a dream come true. So thank you!

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