Deliciously Decadent Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake Recipe | Almonds and Apricots
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Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake

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This easy mascarpone bundt cake is so tender and effortless, decadent yet fluffy! The texture is rich and moist with the mascarpone cheese at the heart of the recipe. The cake is delicious on its own, but I’ve enhanced this recipe by adding a silky mascarpone whipped cream on top. You just can’t go wrong with mascarpone cheese. 

Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake
Byte of Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake

Mascarpone, is essentially a fancy name for Italian cream cheese. Mascarpone has an especially high percentage of butterfat. It is easily spreadable like cream cheese but the biggest difference between them is that Mascarpone does not have the familiar tang that cream cheese has, rather a fresh cream taste. This decadent Italian cream originated in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy.  Most widely known and loved for being a staple ingredient in Italian desserts like tiramisu.

Slices of Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake on cake stand
Placing cream with spatula on Slices of Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake

Yes! If I’m being totally honest, I would use Mascarpone in EVERY dessert because it is just that good. I wanted to create a simple cake recipe that had a little special flare, and what better way to do that than adding a delicious dollop of Mascarpone in the batter!? It makes the batter think, and the cake extra tender. It just adds the most special touch. 

 Slices of Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake with cream

 I chose to create this recipe using a box cake mix base, because after recipe testing several different types of flours and ratios with the mascarpone, I decided that I wanted this recipe to be easily accessible since there was already a non-typical ingredient in it. I loved the idea of anyone who wanted to try something special, but might be intimidated by baking to be able to make this recipe hassle free. This is a fun easy way to dive into baking without the commitment of fancy flours or extra baking ingredients.

I hope you love it!

Ingredients of Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake
Eggs with sour cream in mixing bowl
Mixing eggs and sour cream in bowl with hand mixer
Mixture of flour and salt
Mixture of flour and salt

The whipped mascarpone cream on top is truly something special. It’s creamy, silky, slightly sweet and a perfect pairing to the rich yet not overly sweet mascarpone cake. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the whipped topping:

  1. Make sure the mascarpone is softened to room temp before you make the topping. It will allow the mascarpone to easily whip and blend well with the sugar and cream.
  2. Whip the heavy cream and mascarpone cheese until slightly thickened then slowly add the sugar a few spoonfuls at a time
  3. Only add a little bit of powdered sugar in at a time, too much at one time will result in a mess on your counter. I like to hadd spoonfuls of powdered sugar to the cream as I am mixing 
  4. You can choose to mix it by hand with a whisk or with an electric mixer. If mixing by hand, start out with a small whisk and gently beat the mascarpone with the cream until broken up.
  5. Then mix in the 1 cup of powdered sugar. Continue to mix with your whisk until you’ve reached a whipped point. 
Whipped Cream Ingredients of Mother’s Day Mascarpone Cake Ingredients

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[…] Or to make your own raspberry compote: Bring 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of frozen raspberries to a slow simmer over low/ medium heat. Allow to simmer for 5-8  minutes occasionally stirring, once thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon, remove from the heat , cover in plastic and allow to fully cool in the fridge until chilled to the touch. If you’re looking for a special dessert to celebrate Mother’s Day, you should also checkout this recipe for a beautiful and delicious Mascarpone Cake. […]

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