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Pistachio Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl

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This Pistachio Cream Cheese Pound Cake is so easy, visually charming, and absolutely delicious! For another delicious flavor, try my Peach Cobbler Cake , too.

Pour Cream Cheese Swirl on Pistachio Pound Cake
Pistachio Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl

Pistachio Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl

Pistachio Pound Cake Ingredients
  • Butter
  • Brown & Granulated Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Sour Cream
  • Flour +  Baking Soda
  • Pistachio Bakery Emulsion + Vanilla Bean Paste
  • Cream Cheese
  • Powdered Sugar

This Pistachio Pound Cake has very simple ingredients that you probably already have around your house, plus one special ingredient that really sets this recipe apart- Pistachio Bakery Emulsion

*linked here*

Ingredients of Pistachio Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl

I love using bakery emulsions in baking because they allow you to create so many incredible flavor combinations and pack a huge flavor punch!

Pound Cake Tips
  • Room Temperature Ingredients. This will ensure all wet ingredients are fully incorporated and fluffy when beaten together. 
  • Measuring the flour. Stir your flour first, to break up any flour that may be compacted -then scoop or spoon it into your dry measuring cup and level off with the back of a knife.  Otherwise known as the “scoop and level” method of measuring flour. Compacted flour can create a dense heavy unpleasant cake. 
  • DONT OVER MIX THE BATTER. Once you add the dry ingredients to the wet, it is IMPARATIVE that you do not over mix the batter. I suggest incorporating your ingredients together with a spatula if your mixer doesn’t have a low enough speed. Small lumps in the batter is okay, but over mixing will make a dense heavy and unpleasant cake.
Pouring 3 eggs in mixing bowl
Pouring sour cream in mixing bowl
  •  LOW AND SLOW. This cake recipe must be baked at a low and slow temperature of 325F NOT 350F. Because this cake is full of fat  and sugar it needs plenty of time to bake. It could take up to 50- 60 minutes to finish baking in some cases, so don’t be alarmed.
  • Allow cake to completely cool. When your cake is finished baking, allowing it to come to room temperature will help the crumb rest and come together. I like to wrap my cake in plastic and allow it to fully cool in the fridge for several hours before glazing. A chilled cake is so delicious!
  • Flavoring. I specifically recommend using LorAnn’s Pistachio emulsion for this recipe to really get that beautiful pistachio flavor, but you can use any flavorings that you have on hand.

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Pistachio Pound Cake With Cream Cheese Swirl

  • Author: Kala Boulard
  • Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes


This Pistachio Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl is tender, tangy, buttery, and FULL of pistachio flavor.

 Perfect for enjoying over a coffee in the morning, a mid-afternoon snack, or even to share with friends!



Pistachio Pound Cake:

Cream Cheese Swirl:

  • 1/4 cup sugar 
  • 8 oz. cream cheese softened 
  • 1 large egg

Cream Cheese Glaze:

  • 4oz cream cheese 
  • ½ cup melted butter 
  • 12 cups powdered sugar


For the Pound Cake 

  1. Preheat oven to 325F and generously  grease an 8 x 4-inch or 4 x 10-inch loaf pan. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl with an electric mixer or the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, beat together the butter and both sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. 
  3. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, until light and fluffy  beating well after each addition and scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed 
  4. Beat in the sour cream, vanilla, and pistachio emulsion until just combined.
  5. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, and baking soda. 
  6. Slowly add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients until just combined. Don’t over mix!

For the Cream Cheese Swirl:

  1. In a small bowl combine the sugar,  cream cheese,  egg, whisk thoroughly to combine.

For the Cream Cheese Glaze:

  1. Beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy 
  2. Slowly add softened butter and mix thoroughly 
  3. ¼ cup at a time add the powdered sugar to taste and mix well

Assembly :

  1. Spoon a generous  layer of the pistachio batter into the bottom of your prepared loaf pan. Sprinkle ¼  cup of crushed pistachios over the top.
  2. Using a spoon, dollop spoonfuls of the cream cheese batter into the pan. Top with the remaining pistachio  batter and sprinkle the remaining pistachios on top. 
  3. Using a butter knife or tooth pick swirl the cream cheese and pistachio batter in the pan 2-3 times
  4. Bake loaf in the preheated oven for 45 minutes( up to 60 min keep an eye on it after the 45-minute mark), or until a knife inserted in the center of the loaf comes out mostly clean. DO NOT OVERBAKE.
  5. Allow loaf to cool in the pan for about 5  minutes, then run a knife around the outside and remove to a cooling rack to cool. 
  6. Wrap in plastic and transfer to a fridge to finish cooling all the way through  for at least 30 minutes
  7. Slowly drizzle the cream cheese glaze over the chilled cake, slice, and ENJOY!
  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Cook Time: 50 min

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1 year ago

This looks so good! What a fun treat to make for friends!

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! Does it keep long?


[…] season for you, frozen peaches are the perfect way to indulge in this sunny recipe all year long. Pistachio Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Swirl could also be great option to […]

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