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Every month, my brand clients rely on me to create exceptional recipes, videos, & content using their products for their digital platforms.


All of the video content I create is meticulously designed to seamlessly blend into your content calendar. This is essential for…

  • amplifying your brand voice
  • enhancing your brand visibility
  • providing value to your audience

Client Testimonial

LorAnn Oils has been a loyal client of Kala for the past three years and will continue our strong partnership we have built together for years to come. She is a leader in our recipe development, content creation, and photography and our influencer marketing campaigns. Her knowledge of food and beverage trends, especially in the baking industry, makes her an invaluable asset for us when it comes to product launches & promotions. We look to her for ideas and recommendations for trending baking and candy content in the digital space so we can hit our KPI’s in our digital marketing efforts. In addition, her eye for style & talent in cake decorating is forthrightly incomparable to other food/recipe bloggers you will find in the market today. By choosing Kala for all your recipe development, content creation & photography, and influencer marketing needs you will be more than satisfied; in fact, you will be blown away with the assets and content you will receive from her that can and will be used in all your current and future marketing campaigns.

Mandy R, Marketing Communications Manager – LorAnn Oils

Product Photography

Social Media Graphics

Client Testimonial

We at Don Victor® have been incredibly pleased with the fantastic work Kala has done for our Pure Honey with Comb campaign. She truly grasped our brand’s essence, producing videos and photos that perfectly matched our aesthetic and messaging. Her phenomenal creativity really stood out in the innovative recipes and stunning visuals she developed using our honey. Working with Kala was a breeze. She clearly communicated her ideas every month, keeping us in the loop and ensuring everything ran smoothly. Plus, she was always on time with her deliverables, which made the whole process even more seamless. We cannot recommend Kala enough to any brand looking for impactful content creation. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with her, and we’re excited about the possibility of working together again in the future!

Don Victor® Honey Marketing Team

Recipe Development & Brand Work

I love creating one-of-a-kind blog content with gorgeous images & 4K videos designed to showcase your high-quality brand & products. Here are the images & video I created highlighting LorAnn Oils Mango Flavoring.



Mango Cheesecake Cookies

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